XNA 2D collision detection

An experimental geometry and collision detection library for Microsoft's XNA framework.  I started to extend the functionality of this library into kinematics (movement and path prediction / solving) and dynamics (particle and rigid body physics) but am not willing to release that code at this stage unless you ask really nicely. The kinematics is only partially complete, unfortunately.

I have a handful YouTube videos showing some tests running the code from these libraries.

Collision detection

A mock up of some 2D platformer collision detection.  In case anyone is wondering, the water reflection was done using HLSL and is not part of the source code.

Rigid body dynamics

A quick and dirty of a malfunctioning rigid body dynamics test which throws bodies off to the right side of the field (I did actually solve that little snafu but never updated the videos)
Amiga OS4.0 extended sound.datatype
An experimental replacement for the OS4.0 sound.datatype to extend the range of samples that could be used.  Supports big- and little-endian audio of 8, 16 and 32-bit sizes.  Someone once asked for the source, which I would have supplied .. if I hadn't accidentally deleted it!
Does not work on OS4.1
Download from os4depot.net

[2016-12-01] I was asked to provide a new, improved version for OS4.1(FE) as part of the AmigaOS4 Enhancer package now available to buy from Amigakit. This provides richer, more structured support for multichannel audio and is supplemented by an enhanced WAV, MP3 and module tracker datatype to show off some of the new features and API.
As an added bonus, they won't let me near the big, red delete button this time.