headphones.plus.128x128.c.pngNow available in the Windows Store for PC and tablet.  Thanks go to all who have purchased so far.

Written for Windows 8.1 (specifically x86, x64 and ARM but not the phone), the Music Extra app is intended as a simple replacement for the default Music app.  It offers playback of formats which are not supported by the default app and also allows you to play an individual file, folder or playlist file from your PC or (network attached) media device.

As well as the native MP3, MP4 and WAV containers, Music Extra knows about OGG, CAF and IFF (AIFF, 8SVX). The supported list of audio codecs has also been increased to support Xiph Vorbis and Opus, FLAC, Apple's Lossless format and a variety of tracker modules (.mod, .s3m et al)

You can report any problems, ask any questions by sending an email to me at apps@sierratu.co.uk - give the email a subject line of "Music Extra Sucks" and I'll do my best not to cry at the abuse you send through.

To have the app import the cover art, many encoders will drop a folder or cover image (eg, folder.jpg) into the album directory when ripping a compact disc.  As long as these files are not hidden, the sync process will pick these up.

I'm hoping to get some interaction with a metadata provider in a future version (I have some prototype features which I have currently disabled) to fetch missing album art, artist images etc. Unfortunately, the service(s) have terms and conditions which are causing me some technical issues. Still, I persist with getting it done.

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The latest version

  • v1.3.2.1 - 2015-02-28. Fifth release. Localised volume control, playlist imports and quick scan for new music. This release is much later than intended, sorry about that. The importing of playlists can be configured to occur when scanning using the option under the settings - it is off by default.

  • v1.3.1.3 - 2014-11-24. Fourth release. No changes to product; updated release details to conform with Microsoft Store guidelines.

  • v1.3.1.3 - 2014-11-03. Third release. Stability fixes, added the .opus extension, shuffle playlist songs and manipulate now playing queue.

  • v1.3.0.1 - 2014-10-01. Second release. Incorporates search, IFF and stability fixes.

  • v1.1.0.1 - 2014-08-12. Initial version and first release.

Bugs, comments and feedback

  • [2015-03-11] Crash on opening folder for playback

    The app crashes when trying to play a folder - is now fixed.

  • [2015-02-02] Music stops when Surface goes inactive

    The Surface (Pro & RT) jitters and ceases playback if the device goes inactive. The default Music app does not seem to suffer from this - I'm trying to determine how it does this. There appears to be various comments from other developers about the same sort of issue but no real solution just yet.

  • [2014-10-09] No album art

    I've received a report of album art not being picked up properly. It appears the images must not be hidden, which Windows Media Player insists on making them. Also, the Windows Music app seems to break the rules by accessing these hidden files - which we mere mortals cannot do for "security" reasons.

  • [2014-09-08] Crashes or simply stops on sync

    Ouch!  If you experience any crashes, please let me know - in particular, if you submitted a review or comment about this, please could you possibly drop me a line with what files (mp3, flac, vorbis) you're scanning, whether it's removable media etc? My library contains a mix of over 3000 mp3 and flac files so I know it should cope with more than a couple of hundred.  I don't appear to have access to details of those who bought the app to contact you directly.  The second release should be a little more stable on import (I hope!)

  • [2014-08-21] There's no equalizer!

    No and it's not really high on my priorities - it's not particularly convenient with Media Foundation without A LOT of work, but if I get a unified version for the phone released, it may be easier. I'm not sure as the lack of this feature alone warrants a 2 star rating though.

  • Sometimes playback skips a file when skipping forward or backward.

    I fixed a couple of causes for the second release, but I'm continuing to investigate as it still occurs sporadically.